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Uganda Visa Requirements
Passports : You need a valid passport, one that is expiring at least 6 months from the date you enter Uganda
Sufficient Funds: No amount is currently specified by the immigration but having a Credit Card and a return ticket are good evidence to convince the immigration officer that you have enough money with you.
Return / Onward Tickets: This is your evidence to prove that you have enough money on you, however, if you posses a one-way ticket, be ready to do some explaining to the immigration officer who might think you do not have enough funds to buy a flight out the country.
You will therefore need to present a visitor's pass for your next destination outside Uganda to avoid messing up your trip. You may actually have to buy a return ticket to your country before being allowed entry into Uganda, therefore, if you plan to leave the country overland, then organize your trip with an airline where a refund can be given for the unused ticket and at such dates and in search countries where you will be able to access the refund. International Health Certificate: You may sometimes be requested to present this document to show that have received a yellow fever vaccine shot.

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